Moving to Miami

Moving to Miami

The coast of The Atlantic Ocean has become the place of residence for one of the most interesting cities in America - Miami. Located in the southeast of Florida in Miami-Dade County this city is 43rd place in the list of the largest cities in the country. Over 400 thousand people have chosen this city as their home and over 5 million people live in the suburbs.

Initially the development of the area on which Miami now is was difficult, because it was away from the faster transport connections. Soon though, this place received some unexpected help from the officially recognized fruit of Florida State - oranges. And here's how it happened:  household

In 1891, Julia Tuttle the owner of a fairly large citrus plantation in Miami tried to persuade a railway tycoon to extend his Florida East Coast Railway directly to the city limits, but she got refused, as you can well imagine. Three years later, a few unusually cold winter days destroyed virtually the entire citrus crop in this part of the country. The only place that was not affected by frost turned out to be Miami. The Tuttle’s plantation was the only one left which fruits could get to the markets and onto the tables of Americans, if, they could be delivered there. Meaning that soon, after repeated appeals to the magnate from many high ranking people, a railway line was built leading right to Miami.

Shortly thereafter, the residents decided that maybe now is a good time to give a little more serious status to the area in which they live. The vote on the recognition of Miami as a city was successfully concluded on July 28, 1896. At this time, a little more than 400 people lived here. Astronomical rates of growth within the city began shortly after that. Many people around the country soon realized that a relocation to Miami not only brought them closer to the seawater and the sun but to a land of opportunity. Fifty years later, more than 172 thousand people were calling Miami their home.

The modern city still offers many opportunities for people of any age, of any nationality and any level of education. Miami is a financial, commercial, cultural and entertainment center on the world scale with a rich variety of jobs that rivals any of the top cities. Many headquarters of multinational companies, television studios and international banks are located in the city and Miami is an acknowledged center for the cruise ship industry. In fact the port of the city receives the largest number of cruise ships in the world.

A distinctive feature of the city is in the diversity of its ethnic groups and cultures that have shaped the unique appearance of Miami. The city attracts a huge amount of foreign-born people. Almost 60% of the residents of Miami were born outside the United States. It is also worth noting that Miami is one of the cities with the highest median age of residents - 38 years. This is due to the fact that many people are moving to Miami after retirement to enjoy the climate and culture.

But the city does not live only by working. Attractions and natural beauty are also waiting for those wishing to have fun and relax. It is no coincidence that Miami is known as the Magic City. According to Forbes magazine it is also "Their most clean city of America." This recognition was made possible thanks to greening programs of the city, its well looked after side streets, clean air and water quality.

But don't forget about the beautiful beaches where you can relax after your move to Miami and to gather strength for a more detailed going-over of the city. Among the most popular beaches is Crandon Park Beach. This unique place has been crafted by nature into a lagoon shaped park and is popular place for many families to spend holidays together. The popularity is due to the presence of a sand spit, located right near the beach. It is always quiet, so parents with children often choose this place. The park also has many attractions, with market stalls and numerous places for picnics.

South Beach is a slightly trendier place that is loved by tourists. Good hotels nearby allow them to reach the ocean without spending a lot of time on the road.

Matheson Hammock Park Beach is the oldest beach in Miami and was created in the roaring thirties. The dense mangroves and the artificial lagoon are its unmistakable "flavor." Here is not just a place for sunbathing but also a place to ride the waves. Novice surfers can learn all the wisdom needed to conquer the waves thanks to its spaciousness and shallow waters.

Lummus Park Beach is a park and a beach with palm trees and playgrounds. Here you can rent equipment for water sports, as well as bikes for riding around the neighborhood. Adults love to have fun playing beach volleyball while the smallest visitors are busy at the playground for kids.

So what are you waiting for? Head down to the city of a thousand cultures and experience for yourself a truly relaxed lifestyle and a unique way of life. 

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