Moving to Milwaukee

Moving to Milwaukee

Milwaukee is one of the largest cities on the shores of Lake Michigan. So if you've always wanted to live in a big city and be able to admire the beauty of the waters surface - moving to Milwaukee will allow you to realize your dream. And before you think that I am crazy it is not as strange as it may sound. Many famous writers, poets and painters have found inspiration from the calm surfaces of water as well as some pretty famous inventions.  household goods

When it comes to the city itself there are about 600 thousand people living here right now and if you count its surroundings as well the population will be more than 2 million people. This makes it pretty big but no where near the metropolitan giants like New York or Chicago.

If we take a little look back at the history of the region we will soon discover that there was once a time when, on the shore of Michigan, there were three different cities instead of only one Milwaukee. These cities were called Juneautown, Kilbourntown and Walker's Point, in honor of their founders. These city neighbors not only competed between themselves for popularity and resources, but also periodically had wars with each other. But by a strange twist of fate in the mid-1800s, and overcoming all the odds, these cities came together and formed Milwaukee, with Solomon Juneau, the founder of Juneautown, becoming the first mayor of the new city.

Around the same time, the city began to develop beer brewing. An art in which the inhabitants of Milwaukee have succeeded significantly. This passion for the preparation of high-quality beer beverages allowed the city to declare itself to be on the level of the national and international market. In fact the city itself has even received the nickname of "Beer City". The people around here are so proud of their tasty triumph that they built The Museum of Beer and Brewing. Everyone is welcome to visit and learn a lot about the history of brewing and, in particular, traditions of beer production in Milwaukee.

But before you think "is that all?" let me tell you that "Beer City" is not the only nickname of Milwaukee. People around here also call it "Cream City". Strangely enough this actually has nothing to do with beer brewing, cows or really anything dairy or cake related. It is due to the color of the land itself on which the city was built which is rich in light cream colored clay. When those first inhabitants made their relocation to Milwaukee, they built their houses, and also some of the building that later will be included in the list of attractions, they used this clay to make the bricks which, naturally of course, created bricks with a gentle cream color. So the city was filled with countless buildings with a light creamy tint and that is how it got its nickname. Incidentally, the cream-colored bricks became so loved by everyone that Milwaukee residents began to sell them to other states and even export them to Europe. Which means if you ever see one on a trip outside the US then you can be pretty sure of where the bricks came from as there is no clay in the world like it.

Milwaukee is also known as The City of Festivals. The city is the venue for many annual summer festivals and draws in millions of people from across the United States and beyond. Many of them are devoted to different traditions, such as the harvest festival, or they highlight the ethnic diversity of the city, such as Polish Fest, Bastille Day, German Fest, Fiesta Italiana, African World Festival, Arab World Fest, Irish Fest, Mexican Fiesta, Indian Summer Festival. To be honest, if there is a fest out there you can be certain that they celebrate it right here. But I suppose any city famous for its beer should be famous for its parties. They are so popular in fact that they are a large source of new residents as people love it here so much they want to stay and next thing you know they head home and tell everyone "I'm going to move to Milwaukee".

But more than just the festivals, audiophiles especially appreciate Milwaukee for hosting the world's largest annual music festival, Summerfest (confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records). Nearly one million people a year coming here to be part of the musical history of the planet. The festival has been taking place since 1960 and there are usually more than 11 stages and an amphitheater with a capacity of 23,000 seats. Over the years, the festival has been oped by some of the biggest headliners in the world such as The Doors, Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton, 

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