Moving to Nashville

Moving to Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee located in the heartland south of the United States and state capital. The vibrant city is situated right on the Cumberland River, which is a tributary of the Ohio River. The Cumberland River has been navigated since the 19th century and even today there is a constant stream of boats, both business and pleasure craft enjoying the delights of sailing along it. Since the beginnings of the region it has played its role in the history of the development of the city. Nashville quickly grew due to its favorable geographical position and convenient river port. In later years railway communication and connections facilitated a second growth boom in the transportation of goods.  household

Currently, many people are deciding that a relocation to Nashville is for them due to the low cost of housing, and quite favorable situation in the labor market. According to Forbes, the city has one of the fastest growing labor markets and it does not look like stopping anytime soon. The area of the city is also increasing. Currently Nashville is enjoying a strong influx of people due to its current successes but such rapid growth is coming at the expense of increasing the number of satellite cities in the south, east and north-east directions and gradually approaching on the borders of Kentucky and while this doesn't sound particularly bad, these extra satellite cities are taking away the natural beauty of the landscape and replacing them with urban jungle. Currently the population of Nashville is more than 600 thousand inhabitants with a population in the metropolitan area exceeding one and a half million people. So it is not too big.

Nashville’s economy relies primarily on the private sector. The city has developed banking and insurance, construction materials, machinery and food industries to become the mainstay of the region. But what a lot of people don't know is that Nashville is a major center for health and education. Of course it is also known as the capital of country music, country style and of course the nickname of "The City of Music".

It came as a great surprise to me, and many other people, that Nashville is not the largest producer of music in the country. It is actually second after New York but when it comes to fame and impact it is certainly Number 1. The annual turnover of the music industry in the city is more than 6 billion dollars and more than 19 thousand people are employed in the music related companies companies. The heart of the music industry in Nashville is an area called Music Row, located to the southwest of downtown. Offices of many recording companies, recording studios, publishers, licensing companies, radio networks, radio stations, as well as other companies whose business is related to the music industry are here. And it is here that you might even see a celebrity or two.

Bands such as Kings of Leon, Hammock, Hot Chelle Rae and Red formed in Nashville. The Rapper Young Buck, singers Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Deana Carter originally came from here as well so there is no shortage of modern and historical musical heritage. Currently, the city is home to member of the pop-punk band Paramore: Hayley Williams, Taylor York and Jeremy Davis; frontman of The Black Keys, one of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time according to Classic Rocker Dan Auerbach; a rock musician, actor and also one of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time according to Jack White from "Rolling Stone" magazine.

But moving past just music, there is also a TV series called "Nashville" which tells the story of the legendary country singer Rayna Jaymes. Its creator, Callie Khouri, was living in Nashville for four years and she remembers it as "an incredibly beautiful cosmopolitan city." In the series she wanted to show what kind of city Nashville is and why this city so attractive for anyone and everyone who chooses to move to Nashville.

Nashville is located in a zone of humid subtropical climate which is typical for this area of the country and means that there are almost always hot and rainy summers, cool and humid winters and mild spring and autumns. So if you were thinking that moving to Nashville is like moving to Texas with the heat or Florida with the humidity, you would be quite wrong. Nashville is one of those places where there are few changes and fewer extremes. Something which I myself am very grateful for. With an average temperature in the middle of summer of around 86°F dropping to 28°F in the deepest part of winter there are three things you can always be certain of; it will always be warm, it is going to rain in the summertime and the music will make everything else better.

            So maybe you feel the music in your soul or perhaps you are looking for newer, better prospects for yourself and your family. Well come on down to Nashville and bring there dreams to life to the backdrop of the soul of our nation: Country Music.

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