Moving to Raleigh

Moving to Raleigh

The capital of North Carolina was named after the British statesman, poet and writer, historian and favorite of Queen Elizabeth I, Sir Walter Raleigh. He was one of the first colonizers of North America. There are rumors that he is responsible for spreading potatoes and tobacco in England. He was friends with the best poets of his era - Thomas Kidd, Christopher Marlowe, Philip Sidney and even William Shakespeare and more than that he was also beloved by the queen. In fact it is rumored that he was even the queen's secret desire although nothing was ever publicly announced or proven. In 1595 he led an expedition to search for the mythical El Dorado, a place supposedly so rich in gold that everything was made of gold. He spent six months in the area of the Orinoco River (the current territory of Venezuela), but could not find anything. True, Raleigh believed in his dream, but not for nothing, as 150 years later people nevertheless found gold in these places, and eventually established a gold mining area here. A few years later The Roanoke Colony, which was founded at the expense of Sir Walter Raleigh as the first permanent English settlement in North America vanished without trace and marking the slow downfall of this great explorer. But that's another story, too long to tell and far removed from the modern city of Raleigh.  moving household

Raleigh is one of the few cities in the country which was designed and built specifically as the state capital. Even the location was chosen not by chance but in the ideal spot. At the dawn of the city's formation its location, in center of the state, was protecting inhabitants from attacks from the sea and provided a defensive area to guard from land assaults. Most of Raleigh is located on the gentle hills giving it a great overview of the surrounding area. But more than just a place of safety it was and still is a place of outstanding natural beauty. Rolling hills marked out by waterfalls, streams and rivers. Few cities in America are so ideally situated and it is one of the main reasons that many people are choosing it as a place of permanent residence.

So why is it that so many people are thinking of a relocation to Raleigh? Well, first of all, there is the pleasant climate of the place in which the city is located. North Carolina is renowned for being neither too hot nor too cold. Indeed, Raleigh is within the humid subtropical climate, which means that it experiences typical hot and rainy summers, cool and moderately humid winters, mild springs and autumns. In the hottest days of summer the temperature can reach 104 °F, but on average it keeps around 77-81 °F. The coldest night in winter usually drops to around a temperature of -9.5 °F, which I agree is pretty cold, but it never usually lasts and the thermometer in the winter more often than not shows 41-43 °F. The best part of the weather in the region is that stability. Even though there can be extremes of temperature these days are rare. Many people enjoy this low variation in the weather and compared to a lot of places around the US it can be lovely all year round. While there are many reasons to move to Raleigh a lot of people choose it because of the climate.

The location of the city is one of the key advantages of moving to Raleigh. Raleigh is set right in the middle of North Carolina, where there are three main regions: the ridges of the Appalachians in the west, Piedmont Plateau in the central part of the state and the coastal lowlands to the east. This means that residents have easy access to a variety of natural areas of beauty. This opens up good opportunities for people to enjoy weekends and holidays that are not far away from home. The Appalachians are the perfect spot to go camping, hiking or simply relaxing in one of the mountain national parks or in the forests. Or you can head towards to the coastal plains and enjoy a day out on the sandy beaches of the islands of North Carolina. In fact no matter which direction you go in a few hours you can reach some of the most fantastic natural beauty found anywhere in the US.

So now that we know it is a wonderful area, what about the city. Well, the size and population are a factor for a lot of movers. Raleigh is the perfect place for those people who want to live in a medium size settlement. It is not a village, but nor is it a megalopolis like Chicago or New York. The population of Raleigh is currently about 430 thousand people but this figure is growing every year. It is not surprising, because in the past 15 years Raleigh has repeatedly been included in the top listings of various ratings for quality of life, education and career prospects (it has even been noted as a place for prospects by Forbes and Money magazine). So if you are looking for that life change or want better prospects for yourself and your family then you can't go wrong by heading to Raleigh. Come and see for yourself how picking the right location ca make all the difference.

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