Moving to Sacramento

Moving to Sacramento

Sacramento is located in the western United States on the confluence of the American River in the Sacramento River. The American River occupies a prominent place in the history of our county. In 1848, people found gold not far from this river, near Sutter's sawmill and its discovery marked the beginning of The California Gold Rush. As soon as the news about the discovery spread, more than 300 thousand people came to California from other states of the US and from abroad to find their fortune. They not only dug up gold worth several billion dollars (in today’s value), but also caused the rapid development of cities in this area, including Sacramento which is now the capital of the State of California. Before the gold rush California was the end of the world and after it was the land of opportunity!  household

The city gained its status in the same year in which the gold was found, December 1848. Before then it was the location of fruit plantations and pioneers. Today it is a very diverse city with racial, ethnic and socio-economic diversity. Many people who have made their relocation to Sacramento call it a powerful, beautiful and interesting city. Residents appreciate it for its calm temperament and measured pace of life. Everything is relaxed here meaning that many shops are closed by eight and there not many cars on the streets. In fact traffic is not very often a noticeable thing here.

Here, palm trees grow in the city and you can pick oranges right in the park and there are not many places in the country where you can do that! One of the most popular destinations among local residents is William Land Park with an area of 96 hectares. Within its area you can relax in the shade of century-old alleys, play golf and visit the zoo, which is home to about 450 species of birds and animals. In total there are more than 80 parks located on the area of Sacramento all of which are lovingly maintained.

There are families who move to Sacramento specifically to raise children because of the nature of the city and its people and of course the city has interesting historical monuments and attractions to delight and entertain both locals and visitors alike. In this modern world in which we live it is often hard to find serenity making it worth more than the gold which brought the place to life.

The main jewel of the city is the California State Capitol, located in the city center. The total area of this government building which is surrounded by a park is 16 hectares and is probably the best capitol building in the country. Today, the City Museum is located in this building with many of its rooms stylized to how they looked many years ago. The vast exposition includes exhibits on the difficult, but at the same time interesting, history of Sacramento. It is here that you can learn how people initially began to build up the eastern bank of the Sacramento River to begin what building the city we know today. If you are looking for a slice of the old world then the area with old buildings and factories called Old Sacramento is the place for you. It is here in the heart of the city that the architecture and atmosphere of the city has not changed since the Wild West and Gold Rush: saloons, cowboys and all that. It's like an open air museum and not to be missed.

Another attraction of the city is The California State Railroad Museum which is the largest railway museum in the world and is home to a simply staggering collection of restored locomotives. Even people who are not that in to trains will not fail to be impressed by this collection as it was some of these very machines that shaped the growth of our country.

Tower Bridge, which is placed across the Sacramento River, is also one of the more popular places that often gets into pictures and camera lens. This construction built in 1935 highlighted the speed of growth of the city and is a symbol of its prosperity in the modern age.

Some people are actually moving to Sacramento because of its climate. This city is one of the ten sunniest cities in the United States and for almost 80% of days in the year the weather is sunny here. Sacramento enjoys a Mediterranean climate, even though it could not really be further for the Mediterranean sea, but it means that the weather in the summer is dry and hot with a sea breeze from the Bay of San Francisco which makes living in the city very comfortable. The average temperature in July is 75 °F so it is hot but not crazy.

Winter in Sacramento is humid with average January temperatures of 46 °F. Most of the average annual rainfall occurs in winter. Snow is very rare, but often accumulates in the foothills to east of the city. On average the temperature only drops below 32 °F for 16 days a year but more than 90 days in a year you will find fog in Sacramento. This Tule fog can be very dense and it is a specific phenomenon of the region.

So if you want to be part of the modern gold rush then come to Sacramento, the land of opportunity awaits.

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