Moving to San Antonio

Moving to San Antonio

San Antonio is a pretty big city as far as US cities are concerned. It is the second largest in Texas and seventh in the country. The population of the city is about 1.4 million people, plus about 700 thousand people who live in the suburbs. Continuous population growth has been observed in San Antonio since the end of the twentieth century and over the past 45 years the number of people who live here has doubled. Compare for yourself: in 1970, 650,000 people were residents of San Antonio, and now it is almost one and a half million. This happened for several reasons. The first is the incorporation of new lands including the people who live within the expanded boarders of the city. Second is the natural increase of the population, because a lot of people are making their relocation to San Antonio for a better life.  household moving goods

Even in such a colorful and multicultural country as ours, San Antonio manages to stand out with an unimaginable mix of different cultures and traditions. At the same time citizens of different races and nationalities have successfully retained their individuality in this melting pot region. It is probably the reason that the city has permanently become the venue for various carnivals, fiestas and other celebrations which attracts many tourists throughout the year. Currently there are about 20 million visitors who come to San Antonio to enjoy the indescribable atmosphere of this vibrant city.

If after moving to San Antonio you want to relax and experience the splendor of the city, you really have to visit the River Walk. Many tourists and locals love nothing better than strolling along this 4 kilometer pedestrian promenade by the San Antonio River, which flows through the center of the downtown area. The embankment is one level below the street and roads and throughout its length, the River Walk is a promenade with an artificial landscape consisting of scenic coastal canyons, winding paths, waterfalls, fountains, bridges, trees and rare tropical flowers. Next to all of it is the river full of boats, catamarans and river taxis offering their services and adding to the beauty.

In the spring, during the annual San Antonio Fiesta realy is a right not to be missed while in the summer, especially during the celebration of Fiesta Noche del Rio, the place is filled with the sounds of Folklorico and Flamenco style music. Between Christmas and New Year the Quay is illuminated by a million bright lights making it a magical location for children and adults alike. All this is very nice but during the times when there are no festivals or fiestas taking place the waterfront is covered by many fabulous shops, bars and restaurants which for me are the main delight of the city.

Do you like Mexican food? If yes, then you are in luck. In San Antonio, you will be able to visit the many cozy restaurants and try the delicious Tex-Mex cuisine that is famous all over the world. After all San Antonio is famous for its food. The symbol of the city is the spicy dish "Chili", which, as folklore tell us, was first prepared here. It was during the worldwide gastronomic exhibition of 1893 held in Chicago that San Antonio residents presented the jury with this new dish which today is known by every American and most people around the globe. Frito crisps, Cheetos as well as David Pace's spicy sauce also first emerged in this city but we don't recommend you try them all at the same time.

You be surprised to learn than not only tourists in search of relaxation travel to San Antonio. Businessmen and employees of large corporations and successful companies come to this city to have corporate events. Each year in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center more than 300 different activities and events are held with about 750,000 delegates from all over the world coming here to visit them. Corporate relaxation at its finest!

In fact it is thanks to this well-developed tourist industry that the city provides jobs for over 100 thousand inhabitants. But there is more to San Antonio than just tourism. The city has a developed and diversified economy which produces a variety of goods and services. So, after your move to San Antonio, you will be able to find a job that you will enjoy. Looking for that big city feel? The headquarters of five companies from the Fortune 500 are located and established here and provide the city with big business connections and opportunities. The H-E-B network of supermarkets is also based in San Antonio.

San Antonio is in the subtropical zone of the ocean and the hot prairie climate. Summer in the city is very hot, especially in July and August. In this time of year the average temperature here reaches 95 °F while winter is usually warm enough though sometimes the temperature does fall below 32 °F but not very often. This happens about 10 times per year and always at night. Snow falls in the city in average of once every four years so sadly it is not the place for snowmen but fear not because S.A. has a lot to offer. 

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