Moving to San Diego

Moving to San Diego

San Diego is located on coast of the Pacific Ocean in the south of the western coast of United States near the border with Mexico. This is a fairly large and populous city with a rich history both before and after the arrival of Europeans. It takes second place by population in California (after Los Angeles) and is also one of the ten largest cities in the United States. With a population in the city of about 1.5 million inhabitants and many more people who live in the suburbs this city is vibrant with cultures and diversity.  moving quote

Many people not just dream about a relocation to San Diego, but they actually do it. More people head to San Diego than anywhere in California.  But "why?" you may be asking yourself. There are many reasons why graduates of schools and universities, families with children, and older people move to this city. One of them is its great position in the labor market. Studies have shown that even in times of crisis, unemployment in San Diego does not ever exceed 10% making it a true land of opportunity.

The city has a strong and diversified economy and in recent decades, new areas have been actively developed here. Today, the main sectors of the economy are tourism, agriculture, biotechnology, electronics and software development, shipbuilding, telecommunications, financial and business services. San Diego also has the busiest military ports in the world, which influenced the construction of defense, shipbuilding and aerospace manufacturing facilities.

Sports fans quickly and easily find the realization of their hobbies after their move to San Diego and those who have only thought about sports hobbies soon find themselves enjoying something new and exciting. The city has an interesting sporting life and many residents actively root for their favorite teams and with two teams from the leading sports leagues based here rivalry spirits run high. Both the San Diego Charges football team, who play at Qualcomm Stadium and the San Diego Padres baseball team, at Petco Park stadium always draw in the crowds and the people of this fair city can never get enough.

Those who love independent Sport activities appreciate San Diego for its excellent infrastructure that allows them to play tennis, go running, swimming, bike riding or enjoy a wealth of other outdoor activities. Thanks to the dry and mild climate of San Diego cycling and pretty much all outdoor activities are an available option throughout the year. This city, more than most, has several separate areas for bicycles, although most road facilities specifically for bicycles are lanes on regular roads rather than purpose built cycle paths but still, in 2006, San Diego was rated as the best city for cycling among US cities with populations over 1 million people. Cyclists note that older and more densely infested areas around the city center tend to be friendlier to bike riding while at the same time, the hilly areas of the city and long-distances to nearby features make for quite a challenge to real cycling fanatics.

The location of the city is a big plus for those who plan on moving to San Diego. From here you can quite comfortably and quickly (up to two hours by car) reach lots of interesting places and the transport links on offer means that going cross country or abroad are just as easy. San Diego international airport located just outside the city is a busy place serving the southern regions of the state and connects the city to the rest of the world.

 If you are looking for entertainment the not far from Carlsbad, just north of San Diego, is where the Legoland amusement park for children up to 12 years has been built and the Los Angeles Universal Studio and Disneyland theme parks are also nearby. As strange as it may sound you can also visit the ski resorts. In the nearby mountains of San Bernardino and around the Arrowhead and Big Bear Lakes you will find rest, relaxation and adventure. You will find a lot of 'Diegoers' here on the weekends all year round enjoying the beauty and activities on offer. If you head to San Diego and miss out on these places then you won't ever be considered a true local of the city.

In the easterly direction, before Lake Salton is where the Anza Borrego Desert State Park nature reserve is located. It's a real desert with cacti looking like prickly humans grown in the barren sands. But in March and April, these open spaces blossom and are covered with a myriad of colors sights and smells. For a couple of months it turns into a colorful extravaganza with people not only from America but also from Europe coming here to watch the desert bloom. And you thought a desert was just a pile of sand.

Halfway between this reserve and San Diego is where the city of Julian is which is famous for its apple pies and atmosphere of antiquity.

            So if you are looking for the city that has it all, head on down to San Diego and begin your adventure in America's finest city.

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