Moving to Tucson

Moving to Tucson

Tucson is one of the largest cities located in the great State of Arizona. Nearly 600 thousand people currently live in it, and the city's population is growing rapidly year by year. Many people, regardless of age are moving to Tucson to get a better education or find a job, to have fun during their young years or raise children. While it may not be first on many people's list of family friendly places or even education centers this little gem in the south of Arizona has been surprising people for almost as long as it has been around.  household moving goods

The city has a well-developed economy and has thrived on manufacture for the better part of 130 years since the founding of the University of Arizona. Today it is a center for the production of guided missiles, aircraft assembly and electronics. But it is actually better known for the well-developed production of optical devices and optoelectronics. One of the common names given to Tucson is Optics Valley (by analogy with Silicon Valley). Tucson is also a transport hub of the Central area linking the great irrigated agriculture areas with the mining industry and grazing ranches as well as people with other parts of the state and the greater country. Local farmers successfully raise sheep, goats, cows and other animals for a multitude of purposes making the farming sector and manufacturing connected with this a great employer. The surrounding mountains are a playground for the extraction of copper ore, base metals, uranium ore, and copper smelting that has made the city what it is today. It is not surprising that many people of different professions move to Tucson to acquire better job prospects.

The city is often a source of surprise in the quality of its educational selectivity based around the large educational institution of The University of Arizona. Founded in 1885, 27 years before this territory was transformed into the separate state of Arizona this establishment has been pushing the boundaries of knowledge and science since its creation which is what draws many young people to come to Tucson to get a premium quality, first rate education. Today, more than 40 thousand people have the status of students at faculties of The University of Arizona. It even holds the only medical school, with the right to award a degree of Doctor of Medicine, in Arizona, and is one of the more famous parts of this university. The dawn of the University was in the middle of the last century and it was at this time that most of the buildings and laboratories were built. At first, the university was known primarily for its achievements in medicine but today achievements in astronomy and astrophysics have been added to them.

The institution conducts intense scientific activity on a daily basis while a team of researchers from the Steward Observatory, under the direction of Roger Angel, works on the construction of the most powerful telescopes in the world, known as the Giant Magellan Telescope. Construction of the telescope is scheduled for completion in 2020 and it will include seven 18-ton mirrors, providing clear images of volcanoes and "canals" on Mars, and the mountains on the moon, the image will be updated up to 40 times faster than today's largest telescopes allow making it a landmark project in astronomy and for science overall. Astronomers also plan to use the telescope to open new studies into the properties of dark matter and dark energy to enhance our knowledge of the universe and to explore the possibilities of newer better energy resources.

Tucson is more than just your typical city. It is a city with a particular mood and a very unique atmosphere. It has a lot of buildings that are made in the Spanish style holding onto its historic past and there are surprisingly few skyscrapers for a modern technology city. The central part charms residents and visitors alike with the beauty and splendor of its restored old Spanish fort while nature enthusiasts will be delighted with the cactus forest which stands like a prickly honor guard in the desert.

Before you start your relocation to Tucson, think about whether you fit the climate of this place. This region has a desert climate with a very long and hot summer. Daytime temperatures during the summer days exceed 95-100 °F while at night the temperature only drops to around 68-82 °F. Temperatures around 95 °F can be observed even in the beginning of October. It should be noted however that because of the low percentage of humidity and the constant breeze, the summer heat in Tucson is transferred quite easily. The monsoon season starts here in July and also captures the time of August. In winter, daytime temperatures can reach 59-68 °F. Sometimes it has been known to freeze and quite rarely snow can fall but it quickly melts. However, the surrounding mountains have enough snow, so it is possible to organize regular ski trips here.

So why not try a little desert air for yourself and make a better life in Optics Valley.

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